L'objectif "Lightweighting" chez Lynell - upcycler le packaging et réduire les déchets au maximum

The "Lightweighting" objective at Lynell - upcycle packaging and reduce waste as much as possible

Dec 12, 2023Manon von Graffenried

Modern skincare with a green twist

Get ready for some exciting news! Today we lift the veil on something truly incredible – our journey into the world of “lightweighting” in packaging development. It’s not just to make our products look stylish; it’s our way of embracing sustainability in a modern way.

Decoding the concept of “lightness”: a fusion of science and style

So, what exactly is lightness? This approach involves choosing packaging materials for products that are lighter than their conventional counterparts while maintaining the same level of strength and durability. We are talking about smart material choices and, mainly, getting rid of unnecessary things that surround the product and what is part of its packaging. Our philosophy in our packaging design: less is more. It's our commitment to keeping things fresh while being conscious of our environmental impact.

Size Matters: The History of Lynell Packaging

Have you ever noticed that our packaging is smaller than that of other brands? Take our facial cream pot, for example – made from thin aluminum, weighing less than 300 grams per 50 ml. It may seem modest, but here's the scoop: it packs just as many benefits as any other on the market. We advocate transparency and choose sustainability without sacrificing style.

The advantage of aluminum: lightness, exceptional durability

Why aluminum, you ask? It's not just for aesthetics; it’s also to be eco-responsible. First, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, so it has no end of life and does not produce microplastics or other elements that will enter our water systems. Second, the fact that the material is lightweight will reduce carbon emissions during transportation. Our jars may look lightweight, but they're rockstars at holding all the right ingredients and protecting formulas from light. They're small and light – so easy to add to your weekend bag for your next ski trip!

Let's launch the lightweight revolution

Ready to dive into a world where beauty meets efficiency? Send us a message; let's discuss it. Our team will have all the information on how each drop of Lynell is a step towards simplicity and style, with a touch of modernity.

Here's how to stay authentic, stay modern, and think about the impact of our consumption on the planet. 🌎

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