The story

The Lynell Switzerland story dates back to 1950, this family brand was relaunched by the grandson in 2023 with a gender-neutral positioning.

Born in the 50s: The Lynell Renaissance

In 1955, Swiss doctor Marc Burgener and his wife Madeleine embarked on an adventure that would leave its mark on the Swiss skin care industry. It all started in their modest kitchen apartment on Rue du Midi in Lausanne, where they formulated their skincare products with passion. Their creations, quickly gaining popularity, spread across the country like wildfire. However, as time passed and they retired in the 1990s, their beloved brand faded from memory.

Fast forward to 2021, where fate has intervened to breathe new life into Lynell. Enter Marc-Antoine, their serial entrepreneur grandson, and Manon von Graffenried, a beauty enthusiast dreaming of launching her own cosmetics brand. Together, they embarked on a mission to resurrect the brand. They shared the vision of creating gender-neutral skincare, using clean ingredients and Swiss expertise, while maintaining affordable prices and eco-friendly packaging.

Manon, the beauty addict

Manon's journey into the world of skincare began in Paris, where she was born to Swiss-German parents. Inspired by her mother's dedication to skincare, Manon adopted the ritual of self-care from a young age, thanks to the range of high-quality products available in French pharmacies. Her path led her to Lausanne, where she continued her baccalaureate at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne. A key moment came during her internship in New York, where she immersed herself in the competitive beauty market in the United States, which further fueled her passion.

Manon's career grew as she explored various marketing roles in the skincare industry. However, it was his collaboration with the luxury and medical brand Dr Burgener Switzerland, created by Marc-Antoine's mother, that truly shaped his career. Working alongside skin experts and dermatologists in Mont-Sur-Lausanne, she was able to learn new skills, including aspects of product development, and thus play a key role in the development of products and formulas, culminating with the birth of Lynell Switzerland.

Meet Marc-Antoine: the adventurer with 10,000 visions

Marc-Antoine's story is an entrepreneurial adventure. From a young age, he was immersed in the world of skincare, listening to his grandmother's tales of Lynell's golden years. Graduating from HEC Lausanne in 2015, Marc-Antoine's passion for action sports led him to become his brother Pat's agent, supporting him in his career as a professional snowboarder and musician. At the same time, he co-founded Alaïa, a company aiming to revolutionize action sports facilities in Switzerland.

In 2018, Marc-Antoine launched WABS, a talent management and digital marketing agency, which would ultimately become the cornerstone of all his new startups. Two years later, he opened Le Spot, a poke bowl take-away based in Lausanne which mainly sources local and seasonal products. In 2023, Marc-Antoine continues to push the boundaries, running with his brothers Pat & Max Oversey and Oversey Records, respectively an ethical clothing brand and a music label.

Together, Manon and Marc-Antoine are rewriting the history of Lynell, blending tradition and innovation, building a brand that aims to promote transparency and encourage self-acceptance. We don't want to transform you, but we are on a mission to accompany you on this incredible journey: learning to love yourself as you are.