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Pure-lyn: clinical tests

Nov 24, 2023Manon von Graffenried

Evaluation of effectiveness, rating after use of Pure-lyn on 20 subjects for 4 weeks

The report provides a summary of a cosmetic study involving a panel of selected volunteers. The study aimed to evaluate the cosmetic attributes and skin compatibility of the Swiss skincare product Pure-lyn Eau Purabilitée.

Selected Panel

The study included 21 volunteers: 19 women and 2 men. The average age of the participants was 30 ± 6 years. All skin types were represented, with 62% having normal skin and 38% having sensitive skin. Specific selection criteria included subjects with facial imperfections such as papules and comedones, acne, enlarged pores, and those willing to have their photos used for the study.

Self-Assessment and Cosmetic Assessments

Volunteers were asked for their opinions on various cosmetic attributes of the product. The product received positive feedback, with high percentages of agreement for attributes such as pleasant scent, ease of use, fresh feel, and non-sticky texture. Some participants reported improved skin hydration, suppleness, smoothness, and reduction in redness.

Skin Compatibility and Clinical Reactions

Among the 21 volunteers, 10% experienced skin reactions, such as mild tightness, erythema, and dryness. Overall, the product was considered well tolerated (90% of subjects) with good skin compatibility. 75% of volunteers expressed overall satisfaction with the product. 60% would consider purchasing the product, and 70% would recommend it. The dermatologist noted some mild skin reactions in a few subjects, such as erythema and acneiform dermatoses. In some cases these reactions were attributed to the product, while in others it was considered possible.

Results and Conclusions

After 28 days of using the product, self-assessment showed a significant reduction in imperfections (papules and comedones) of 25.4% compared to day 0 (D0). The product had a positive effect on 85% of subjects, with a significant reduction in imperfections observed on day 28 (D28). The conclusion drawn from the study is that there was a significant improvement in the reduction of blemishes after 28 days of using the product. It is important to note that the results mentioned in the report relate only to the specific study and product evaluated and cannot be generalized to other products or populations. Additional research and testing may be needed for broader conclusions.

Evaluation of effectiveness, VISIA approach after use of Pure-lyn on 20 subjects for 4 weeks


The product was applied to the face twice daily (morning and evening) for 4 weeks or as needed. High-resolution images using VISIA-7 technology were used to evaluate effectiveness. The assessment focused on various skin attributes, including redness, porphyrins and pores.

Evaluation of Effectiveness

Redness Index:

A significant decrease of 6.5% in the redness index was observed on day 28 (D28) compared to day 0 (D0). The product showed a positive effect on 63% of subjects.

Porphyrin Index:

A significant decrease of 14.2% in the porphyrin index was noted on D28 compared to D0. The product demonstrated its effectiveness on 70% of subjects.

Product Claims and Conclusion

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Pure-lyn through self-assessment and the VISIA approach (high-resolution imaging using VISIA-7 technology) showed strong and promising results in reducing blemishes and redness. The product was well tolerated by most volunteers, who expressed general satisfaction. The study conducted by COSMEPAR LABORATORY highlights the potential of Pure-lyn Anti-Blemish Purifying Water and its compatibility with various skin types, providing valuable information to consumers seeking effective skin care solutions. As with any cosmetic study, it is essential to consider individual variations and consult a dermatologist for personalized recommendations.

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