Renaissance d'une marque suisse des années 50

Rebirth of a Swiss brand from the 1950s

Nov 24, 2023Manon von Graffenried

The Lausanne-based cosmetics brand, which enjoyed its glory years from 1955 to 1995, is back, supported by Swiss professional snowboarder and musician Pat Burgener.

Founded in 1955 by the grandparents of Swiss snowboarder and musician Pat Burgener, "Lynell" was a Lausanne-based cosmetics brand that enjoyed resounding success throughout Switzerland for almost 40 years. The retirement of Madeleine Burgener, founder and torchbearer of the brand, marked the end of the story of this iconic Swiss cosmetics brand, adored by thousands of women across the country.

In 2023, after an absence of almost 30 years, Pat Burgener decided to honor her grandmother's legacy and join forces with Marc-Antoine, her entrepreneur brother, and Manon von Graffenried, a passion for cosmetics having worked in the industry in Paris, New York and Geneva, to relaunch this brand with a radiant past. Pat says: "When I was little, my grandmother always told me about her travels throughout Switzerland to sell her cosmetics in the most beautiful palaces in the country." He continues: "The cosmetics industry is often quite superficial, very focused on appearances. This has a detrimental effect on young people. We want to help reverse this trend and focus on self-acceptance."

Manon adds: "We want to enable young people to take care of their skin with our Swiss products, made from simple ingredients of the highest quality. We want to restore the skin's natural radiance and eliminate the need to hide to integrate'." She concludes: “Everyone should be able to feel good about themselves, without compromise.”

More than just a cosmetics brand, Lynell Switzerland seeks to create Swiss-made and accessible cosmetics, while addressing the fundamental problem of insecurity caused by social media and marketing pressures that impose idealistic and unattainable.

For its return, Lynell Switzerland is relaunching an improved formula of the brand's original under the name Pure-lyn. Made up of 96.4% ingredients of natural origin, it deeply cleanses pores and balances skin sebum to heal skin imperfections.

For daily use on the entire face or for local application, the product has shown a significant reduction in blemishes and redness under dermatological control. The next launch will be the Hydra-lyn face cream, which is expected to be a best-seller, and is scheduled for September.

Lausanne, July 1, 2023

Notice sheet Lausanne 1960

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