La naissance des Lynellois

The birth of the Lynellois

Jan 02, 2024Manon von Graffenried

In 1974, the American Institute of Graphic Arts designed a set of pictograms. The symbols were created to be simple, clear, but above all universally understandable, regardless of language or culture. The Swiss font Helvetica was used to draw the symbols, which contributed to their legitimacy and clarity. Today, symbols are recognized as an iconic achievement of graphic design and continue to be widely used for their simplicity and versatility.

At Lynell, we want to offer cosmetic products that celebrate the individuality and diversity of all beauty. To express this, we decided to use these symbols to create the “Lynellois”. These characters break the mold of conformity that society tries to trap us into. All characters have their own style, personality and mindset, they are free to operate in any environment and be accepted for who they are, as they are, without filter.


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