La campagne "Just do you"

The “Just do you” campaign

Jun 05, 2024Manon von Graffenried

Embracing Individuality: The “Just Do You” Campaign

In a world where conformity often overshadows uniqueness, Lynell proudly upholds the values ​​of inclusiveness, self-acceptance and diversity. Our recent “Just Do You” campaign embodies these principles by celebrating the stories of people who triumphed over societal norms to embrace their true selves.

Sofya's Story: Redefining "beauty" in the world of climbing

Meet Sofya, a Swiss climber whose journey to self-acceptance is a powerful testament to the beauty of individuality. In our discussion, Sofya openly shares her experience fighting against societal expectations in the climbing community.

Breaking Stereotypes

Sofya's story highlights the pervasive stereotypes that often affect the world of climbing. Despite her excellence in her sport, she faced criticism for her muscular physique, deemed unconventional in a culture that associates success with being "light and thin."

Encourage Acceptance

Through our “Just Do You” campaign, we aim to encourage people like Sofya to embrace their uniqueness without compromise. Sofya's journey from self-doubt to self-love illustrates the transformative power of acceptance and resilience.

Celebrating Diversity

At Lynell, we believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and aspects. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond skincare to embrace the diversity of human experiences. Through initiatives like the “Just Do You” campaign, we celebrate the countless expressions of beauty present in every individual.

Join the Movement

Inspired by Sofya's story? Join us in celebrating diversity, self-acceptance and inclusiveness. Share your own journey of accepting individuality using the hashtag #JustDoYou and be part of our community dedicated to redefining beauty on our own terms.

Embrace your individuality

Join us in embracing individuality and celebrating the beauty of diversity with Lynell. Together, let's rewrite the beauty narrative and empower everyone to embrace their true selves, just like Sofya did. Remember, you are unique, you are beautiful, and you are worthy of acceptance. Let's #JustDoYou.

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